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Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to ensure that it and its contents are protected. When a fire sweeps through your apartment building, or a neighbor’s tree falls and lands on your roof, you’ll want to have the coverage you need to ensure that your investment is taken care of.

Why Homeowners’ Insurance is a Good Idea

Home repairs are often extensive and costly. Having insurance helps to cut your out-of-pocket costs and often provides you with guarantees for the work that is done. Home insurance covers a variety of different damages caused by weather and other types of disasters.

Not only is having insurance a good idea, it is often required. Many home loan lenders require borrowers to obtain home insurance to cover risk. Those who purchase condominiums and manufactured homes also often have to have home insurance.  Renters are also able to purchase insurance to protect their valuables in the event of theft, fire, or the like.

What You Should Know About Liability Coverage

In addition to covering your home, homeowners’ insurance often also provides personal liability protection. This type of insurance can cover injury or property damage to others caused by you or a member of your household. Additionally, the policy may also cover medical expenses for minor injuries to people who don’t live with you but are injured on your property.

What Home Insurance Covers

Although every policy is different, many offer the same types of protection. In addition to home damages, your insurance may also cover:

  • Valuable Collections: Your insurance may offer partial coverage of the contents in your home. It may not cover the entire amount, but it may give you some compensation if your valuable collections or other expensive items are damaged or stolen.
  • Business Supplies: Some business-related supplies and equipment are covered under homeowners’ insurance policies for those who have home businesses or regularly work from home.
  • Jewelry: Home insurance policies often limit or exclude the loss of certain items due to a theft even if the same item would be covered in a fire. Limits also exist for high-priced items, such as jewelry.

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Navigating through the waters of home insurance on your own can be stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. When you let do the work for you, you can easily compare quotes and figure out what works best for you.